vendredi 22 novembre 2013

#TireurFou : Secret British link of Paris 'gunman': Alleged shotgun shooter lived in Ilford after prison sentence for his role in 1994 ...

Paris 'shotgun shooter' fled to Britain to live as an office boss in Ilford after serving time for his role in France's infamous 'Bonnie and Clyde' murders  

  • Abdelhakim Dekhar, 46, fled to Britain in 1999 'to escape French spies'
  • He married a student and lived in a small flat near Ilford Methodist Church
  • Currently in custody after arrest for shooting a newspaper photographer
  • Found by officers in underground car park after 'trying to commit suicide'
  • Police say his DNA samples match scenes of two attacks in French capital
  • Was jailed for four years for buying gun used in the 1994 Rey-Maupin affair
  • The police shoot-out with Florence Rey and lover Audry Maupin left five dead

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